I have shared stories on stages all across Chicago at any bar, school, university, conference, community event, theater, and podcast that will have me.

Risk Podcast

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One of the first live Podcasts I was asked to be a part of was The Risk Podcast. Honestly, it's one of my favorites. Kevin Allison is an amazing human and such a great storytelling coach and performer. I have been lucky to have been featured on his show 5 times, garnering me the title, "old faithful" by Kevin Allison himself. I love performing for him and highly recommend you check it out and submit a story to his show should you ever get a chance. 


your stories

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The Nerdologues are a great group of people that host a series of podcasts, events, and shows. Thanks to them, The Stoop Straight Up No Chaser was recorded and given a place to be born and nurtured into something we hope is as long standing as their show Your Stories, which I have been a part of twice. Check us out this Fall debuting on their page and have a listen to their other awesome nerdy shows. 


It’s all true/whiskey journal


It's All True with Tim Barnes was such a fun show. I got to braid Tim's hair while other people performed. It was also THE VERY FIRST PODCAST I was ever invited to do. I don't event think at the time that I even knew what a podcast was. I was just happy to go share another story.




This was such a fun show.

On April 21, 2015: Nearly 100 nerds packed into a theater at the Cards Against Humanity Headquarters to see Nerdette live. The evening included talk of AnimorphsHot Dog University, and plant robots. There were interviews with Max Temkin and Adam Flynn, and nerd confessions from Tim Barnes and Lily BeThere may or may not have been a lightsaber battle. In other words, it was magical.Check out the entire taping of the live episode below. 


chirp radio’s first time

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The First Time is CHIRP Radio’s Live Lit and Music series. Created in 2010 by former Events Director, Jocelyn Geboy, The First Time pairs a reader’s personal story about a specific "first time" -- a different "first" for each show -- with a song performance. This unique structure allows the story to resonate with audience members as they experience the accompanying song covered by The First Time Four. The band takes special care to perform unexpected song arrangements, so it is hard to tell which the audience enjoys more: the story or the song.

Julie Mueller, Jenn Sodini, and Bobby Evers are the shit.


write club chicago


Write Club host Ian Belknap doesn't know it, but he is one of my favorite hosts on the planet. He runs a great a show, he's an inspiring writing teacher, and he can write his ass off. When he asked me to do the show for the first time, I did not feel ready because I did not consider myself a writer. If there is one show that inspired my journet in writing, this is it. Here is a battle I was in against one of my other favorite writers in the city Corbette Pasko. 


Sometimes I do shows and they get it on video. 


the moth chicago


The night that took me from Grown Folks Stories regular to a "force" in the storytelling community. June/2013 I was a hot nervous mess. YOu can hear it in my voice, or rather, I can. I remember Weeks leading up to this event how stressed I was about wanting to translate the spanish into english for the audience to be able to consume but it kept putting me over time. I finally decided that I would not translate the spanish. I figured, if they cannot understand the spanish, then they can find someone who will. I decided to say my grandmothers lines in spanish and keep my replies to them in english. That decision paid off because I won. I would later find out that I was the first Latina in the Moths 20 year history at the time to win a grandslam. That story would later inspire other spanish speaking storytellers to seek out the moth and perform on their stages. I only know this because those storyteller would thank me in person upon meeting me for the first time. I can honestly say that winning that slam was the first time I felt my grandmother with me since she passed away in 1996. She was in that room, no doubt watching over me and probably a little annoyed that of all the stories I could have shared about her, i decided to share one about her fighting. haha



louder than a mom

Louder Than a Mom because everyone has a depressing, shocking, miserable, vulgar, hilarious family story! Storytelling is one of the oldest human traditions. Come and share yours. If you’re not ready to talk about your family tragedy, your judgmental mother-in-law, your drunk Uncle Pete who ruins every holiday, or why you hate your four-year-old, come and listen. We all love a good bedtime story!! Click on the image to learn more about them. 

For this month's theme: "Is This a Test?", Lily reminds us that Life is a test and there can be happy endings...


Tuesday funk

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Tuesday Funk Reading Series is a pretty chill place to tell stories. One of my favorite times sharing a story at this show was when I heard a black man share a story about his own anti-blackness. I was in awe at the courage it took to tell and own that story. 

Andrew Huff and his partner Cinnamon are always so welcoming. The space is great and they always have a great crowd.

Funny story, cohost Eden Robins (seen in the video) and I not only share the SAME EXACT BIRTHDAY but we were also born at the same hospital!! What a small and crazy world.