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The Stoop Six-Year Anniversary

It's been quite the adventure, and our little baby is in first grade.
Which means that we passed the hump of kindergarten and now we on to more learning, loving, and living.

The Stoop has been one of the greatest things I have ever had the joy of working on. We have featured so many stories, helped so many people, and collaborated with so many amazing organizations.

Join us in celebrating our sixth year of sharing stories and connecting.


Mike Gifford

Jeremy D. Nichols

Jackie Holiday

Sophia Monroy

and introducing my new co-host Jenny DeLessio-Parson!!!!

COME ON OUT AND SUPPORT truth and vulnerability and Chicagoans making sense of the world through their stories. Enjoy drink slung by the best bartender in all of Chicago, Angel T Sambell at the recently inducted into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame bar Rosa's Lounge!!!

Come to feel the vibes of legends that have graced the room and stage.

LONG gone are the days of us hosting a 2 and half hour show. Ain't nobody got time for that and we want to get you all home and in bed before the 10pm news.
That is unless you all want to stick around and listen to the blues. Which we totally encourage you to do after the show.
Lil Ed' and his blues pals put on quite the show every Thursday night from 9pm to close.

As always
tickets are $7 at the door and $5 online.

This month we are collecting money for Sean Akins, cancer survivor and performing artist who is doing wonderful things in the world

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