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The Stoop - March Showcase - YOU GO GIRL

  • rosa's lounge 3420 West Armitage Avenue Chicago, IL, 60647 United States (map)

Another month, another Stoop! Join us this month and every single month as The Stoop brings you real-life stories from real-life people who have a story the world needs to hear.

While Lily Be does curate this show, it's always a very organic curation process. Features usually get booked around dinner tables, in ride shares, or when someone finally reaches out and says I have something I want to say.

This month, The Stoop is so excited to feature three such tellers.

Sophia Monroy
Mary Munez
Kiki Connects

The Stoop is more than a show, it's an experience. It's a look into the lives of people in a way that isn't coached or heavily curated or judged. It's me, Lily Be just opening her home to people that feel they have something to say to people that might benefit from hearing it. It's love, light, understanding.

Come through. Nate Taylor will greet you at the door, Angel T Sambell will pour you all some drinks, listen to the blues jam with the owner Tony Mangiullo on the drums and enjoy the hosting and two extra stories by me Lily Be and my wonderful co-host Jenny DeLessio-Parson

Get your tickets online or at the door. However, we will not turn people away in this economy and weather, so come and let us know and we can make a deal of some sort. That is how we do on Lily Be's -The Stoop.