I perform, host, and teach and people have nice things to say about it. 



I taught Personal Branding for After School Matters for 6 weeks to a group of high school students. I asked the amazing Lily Be to come in and teach for a session to help convey the message of owning who you are. She was incredible. She talked to the students as people and help draw out different pieces of themselves that they hadn't thought about. She helped them come up with different logo/motto ideas along with having an overall sense to describe themselves for a project we were working on. The students connected and related to her realness. Lily Be was fantastic and I was honored to have her be there


Whitney Capps - Workshop attendee and interim host at the Grown Folks Stories

"Lily Be's storytelling workshop was an amazing experience. Lily's experience and expertise as a storyteller were evident in her care for us as her students and in her support and critique of our work. She uses writing exercises and group discussions to help us mine our memories for great stories--the stuff that makes us human, and she helps us craft that story in the most honest, genuine and compelling way. We all have stories in us and Lily has an amazing way of bringing them out


Yvette Marie - Workshop attendee

I first met Lily at a storytelling workshop at Hairpin. I told her I only had one story I wanted to tell and needed help crafting it. I started attending her workshops in Pilsen. I heard various stories from other workshop participants and got to see Lily tell stories, then I realized I have much more than one story. My journey into storytelling through Lily's workshops has been cathartic and healing. Sharing stories I have never told outloud due to shame and emabrrasment has brought an emotional release that 10 years of psychotherapy hasn't done. Every workshop is different, sometimes they're heavy and deep and you need tissues, and sometimes you laugh so hard you can't breathe.