The Stoop - Straight Up No Chaser - EP. 1 SEG. 2 - THE TANGENTS - What WE DO to Jr?

Our guests were not told what story I would share beforehand. They heard, they processed, and they reacted. We recorded and I edited. What you have listened to is tangential conversation based of my (Lily Be’s) story.

In the next segment of this episode, we explore and analyze those tangents with my guests Jesse Mumm, Eli Namay, and Dorian Ortega.

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Ashley V is one super talented and hardworking individual. She be about her kids, her art, and her realness. I love having her in my life and in all my feeds. She hosts a show called Sex Positive that you should all make it a point to follow and attend.


Clarence Browley

Curmudgeon and former co-host of The Stoop. Clarence is an incredible self taught photographer. He loves video games, chicken wings, music, and Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. He’s a dog walker by day and you all should hire him to walk your pups. He’s only a curmudgeon to humans.


Janeida Fuentes

Janeida is as inspiring as she is vocal and committed to her community. I have been a fan of hers since we performed together in 2015. Her Fat2Flaca pages on Instagram and Youtube are ALL THAT!! You get a real and unapologetic look at the life of this powerhouse woman I am blessed and grateful to know.


Michelle Zacarias

Michelle can write the heck out of an article and read the heck out of a room. Don’t let her size fool you, she is one mighty mighty human and defender of marginalized people. I appreciate her voice in the world.


Adam Gottlieb

Adam is an artist and the closest thing this planet has to an angel. I don’t think I have ever experienced a negative emotion from him ever. He is all LOVE. He’s a poet, musician, performer, organizer, and all around great human being. I truly appreciate his presence in my life.


Mason Johnson

Mason Jason is one cool cat. I cannot say much about him because he has yet to set a date for us to hang out! HOWEVER, I have worked with him on several projects and performed in events he has produced. He is currently one of the producers of the mental health variety show Psychotic Break at Schubas and also hosts Movie Club at the Logan Theater.

John Capaul

John C is someone I consider a friend and supporter of the Stoop and all I do. I honestly don’t know where he came from. He just showed up in the audience one day and has been following me around ever since. He does something with data and carries around multiple cell phones. He tells stories and writes at events all over the city. He aight.

lily be