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Almost three years after I began sharing stories on stage, a crazy thing happened to me in November, 2015. I was sitting at home when I got an email from Ian Belknap (host of Write Club) introducing me to Andrew Eninger (head of the writing program at Second City) to possibly teach a class at Second City. Before teaching at Second City, I had never even stepped foot into that building in the 35 years I had lived in Chicago NOR had I ever taught a class in anything ever. Correction, Pipers Alley was in that building and I had gone there once to see a movie and I raised a child who I'm sure learned a lot of things from me. However, I had never gone to Second-City to do any Second City related things and I had never taught professionally.  

Anyway, Andrew and I went back and forth via email and set up a time to talk about what I would teach and how I would teach it. I was so nervous and scared but i would come to realize that my own journey in discovering my voice is one that a lot of people find themselves on. Developing my curriculum and the prompts that help people do what I have done came so easy to me and that is what I teach.  Believe me when I tell you that no one teaches a workshop or class like I do. no one.

Mastering my style of storytelling was a slow and steady process and I am pretty sure I got it down to my own little science. No one shares a story like Lily Be, and not because I am that good, but because there is no one else like me. I am the one and only Lily Be. Just like there is no one else like you. I want to teach everyone how to find, own, and master their voice and stories. Not only to share on stage, but to be better listeners, communicators, and navigators of their lives. 



The only workshops that are free will be taking place on site at Pilsen Outpost Gallery in Pilsen on 18th St. Teresa Magana sent me a photo over the summer of her new gallery space and INSIDE the gallery was a stoop!! An actual STOOP!! Workshops will take place every first and second Thursday of the month beginning October 4th. These workshops are open to anyone looking to learn how to mine for stories, shape their stories, and most importantly, own their truths. The workshops are fun and FREE (donations welcome though). We also have access to Palateria El Sabor De Mexico right next door and we encourage that you grab an elote (Mexican corn), nachos, a paleta or any of the goodies they have to offer and come on over and kick it on the Stoop Pilsen and get your story on!!!!

This is kind of like an open mic in that we will works shop 3 - 5 participant stories in an intimate setting and give constructive feedback to each other to help develop our stories with each other. 
Many attendees of these workshops have called them therapeutic and others have left feeling seen and heard and validated. 

  We ask that you R.S.V.P on the occasion that we want to provide goodies or giveaways to attendees. 



two Day 2 hour online story workshops

These workshops are for people who believe they don't have any stories to share OR have a ton of stories to share but cannot decide which are worth sharing. These two day workshops will help tellers discover their stories in an intimate and fun atmosphere ONLINE. We will work together to help each other see the nuggets of storytelling gold we sometimes overlook or ignore because we are too worried, ashamed, or afraid that the life we have lived is not worth owning and sharing.

Sign up for this two day workshop and leave with the tools to you need to discover your stories in your everyday life and turn them into pieces you can use in performances, business, healing, and life.

Workshops are limited to 10 people. If you would like a schedule of dates and times please click the button below and we will send you information. 

Two day workshops are $49 for almost 5 hours of workshops! That's a STEAL! 

Six Week storytelling Classes at Hairpin Arts Center and Northeastern University.

Discover Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell. EVERYONE. However, not everyone believes that they do. Not everyone is comfortable opening themselves up to a group of strangers and sharing their most vulnerable and honest stories.


I'm Lily Be, I am a momma, a nanny, a carpenter and a storyteller.

My classes are not about teaching you how to perform your stories, I am teaching you how to find them, structure them in a way that helps you make sense of your experiences so that you are able to share them with others. Be it on stage or at work or in relationships. This class isn't about performing your story, it's about getting it to make sense to you and to those around you.

Storytelling saved my life. That is not hyperbole.

Each week, we will focus on two different prompts that I created to help bring out our most significant and sometime vulnerable stories.

We will give each other feedback and constructive criticism about our stories in hopes of finding more details or questions that may reveal even deeper meaning to our experiences and help us structure our stories out so they have cohesive beginning, middle, ends or twists!

Class sizes at Hairpin Arts will be kept to 10 to ensure that everyone gets a chance to develop one 7 - 10 minute story that they can opt to share on stage at the end of the session at the one and only Hairpin Art Center in Logan Square. Check them out, it’s a gorgeous space!

The Northeastern classes are come one come all and will not culminate in a student showcase but students will have the opportunity to be featured in my LIVE feature show The Stoop, soon to be in it’s 6th year!

I want to be able to offer these classes to everyone, so if you want to work out a payment plan or apply for a partial or full scholarship based on need, please contact me and let me know. I am willing to work with ANYONE that wants to take this class. I want to have a good mix of people taking this class together so please do not be to proud to ask. I got you!!


I will come to you to make the story magic happen. Just ask, we will make it work. No audience or budget is too small.